Our Values


We’re not going to get rich from this. Nor do we want to.

As a species we consume too much, but we also recognise clothing ourselves for warmth is a basic human need.

People will continue to buy clothes and we want people to be more conscious about the clothing they do buy, whether from us or elsewhere. 

Spend a little bit more to buy clothes that:

  • Minimise our impact on the planet
  • Ensure those making it receive a fair wage
  • You’ll cherish and do everything you can to make them last

We’re not perfect. We’re constantly learning, adapting and evolving. Saving our planet is a complex and dynamic challenge. Our commitment is that we’ll source ethical, sustainable, and high-quality products from our suppliers and give at least 5% of our sales to environmental charities. Our plan is to grow that percentage as we grow.


We want to build a community of like-minded sea lovers who care for, and want to improve, the state of our planet and oceans.

Wearing Against The Tide Apparel is a way for our community to recognise each other. It lets people know you’re part of something bigger, that you are an environmentalist and you’ll do your bit to save our seas.

We hope this will have a ripple effect, spark conversations, and bring more people into our community. We know that real change needs to start from the bottom up and we want to play our part.


The sea has a hugely positive affect on both our mental and physical health. We want to reciprocate. We hope to improve the health of our seas and our environment so that everyone can continue to experience the health benefits of the big blue.

We have seen this personally in our own lives and this is one of our main motivations behind starting Against the Tide Apparel. 

With our clothes you can take the sea with you wherever you go, a little piece of blue mind when you’re feeling anxious, a connection to nature and kindred spirits, a reminder that we are a part of a collective — bigger than us all.